Flows of gas in the CGM

My recent reasearch focuses on observationally constraining the flows of gas in the circumgalactic medium (CGM) around distant galaxies. I am trying to measure how (cool) gas is accreted from the CGM onto galaxies and ejected from the galaxies into the CGM. For this purpose, we kinematically connect the CGM absorption we find in background quasars to the kinematics of the galaxies in whose haloes the CGM gas resides. The data for my work comes from the MEGAFLOW survey.
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Other research interests

My other research interests include the study of the properties of quiescent galaxies in the early Universe and the study of high-z Lya emitters.
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Current work

In my current position I am spending most of my work time designing the observing software (OBSW) for a future multi IFU spectrograph called GIRMOS, which will be on the Gemini telescope. In general, I am very intersted in an optimal analysis of astronomical data.


I am currently part of these projects / collaborations:
  • GIRMOS team
  • CANUCS (Canadian NIRISS Unbiased Cluster Survey) - a JWST NIRISS GTO program
  • MEGAFLOW survey (MusE GAs FLow and Wind)
  • REQUIEM Galaxies